where oh where should i go?!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 |
i know i haven't been around alot, but i still love you!
i hope you love me.
i'm (ALONE) headed to the oc (orange county california-and the reception is in coto!!!)
and wanted to know if there are any
amazing thrift shops
i can stop by.
oh, and im leaving utah thursday and coming home saturday.
im flying standby, so im unsure of what flight i will actually get.
could i be more pathetic?

and the reason im headed there for the quickest trip ever?
this pretty niece (britney) of mine...
is marrying, um, danny...
and they picked the san diego temple to be married.
and why not-it looks like a castle!
(every princess needs one!)

oh, and then monday im headed to sun valley idaho.

so if you have any suggestions, i could really use them!


Horrocks Hotties said...

Have a good trip!

Staci said...

Where are you staying in Sun Valley? Went there on a fabulous girl's weekend a few years ago, and we happened to be there during "SLAG". That's the down time between skiing and summer. EVERYTHING closed at like 4:00. It'll be better for you - I know it.

Helena said...

How was your trip??

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