today, i will remember...

Monday, May 30, 2011 | | 1 comments
this is angelina and antonio manno.
(1971, their 50th wedding anniversary)
neither fought in a war.
(but they sent their oldest son in wwii off because they loved their nation.)
they were poor and worked hard for everything they had.
(he dug ditches in the depression to keep his family fed)
they relied on family and friends when things got tough.
(and didn't feel entitled to any assistance)
they believed in the american dream.
(and when they left italy, they knew they'd never see their family again)

these are my great grandparents.
without them, and their choices, i wouldn't be here.
i am grateful for them and their sacrifices.

i am what i am today because of my family.

it is the end of the year already?!?!

Thursday, May 26, 2011 | | 0 comments
actually, it isn't the end of the school here in utah yet. we have year round school, so my kids are in (and im working until) the beginning of july. then, depending what track you are (or if you work at the school), you might be going back by the end of july.
but nate's S.O.A.R. is over.
nate is a smarty pants, but has trouble reading. S.O.A.R. has really helped him and he is up to grade level now! it is one teacher for 5 kids and they spend time every day doing intense reading.
he doesn't like it because sometimes it goes into his recess, but i say it is worth it.
(but i would have hated it as a kid too!
i found out today that S.O.A.R. is over tomorrow, so it is lucky that i already had a gift, i just had to make it fancy.
last year i got some aluminum water bottles on clearance for something like $1 from roberts. all i did was tie some cute patriotic ribbon that i got from dollar tree on it and...
(no idea why nate feels like he needed the red crayon for the photo)
mrs. k deserves so much more than just a water bottle for putting up with little nate this year,
but the school isn't paying me for my looks.

family portrait

Friday, May 20, 2011 | | 1 comments
i know i haven't posted photos of my family in awhile. here is the newest one.
(courtesy of a frame originally from the wood connection, that i got from d.i. for a buck)

left to right, parker, chris, me and natey.
im quite the picasso!

teacher appreciation week let down

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 | | 5 comments
last week was our teacher appreciation week.
you know the deal-gifts and supplies for the teacher.
and when i think of that they put up with
(meaning 25 kids who are just like mine for 7 hours a day),
they deserve it!
we had one teacher who not only didn't get her door decorated by the room mom,
not have a list of her favorite things sent home so kids could bring in all kinds of lovely things, but...
who had a 15 yr old daughter go thru treatment for thyroid cancer!


anyone of those would make me break down into tears!
and i didn't find out until friday
(as a copy aid, we stay in our own little copy room and have fun. we don't venture out much)!
i borrowed a camera from ms taylor (another teacher) and took a photo of each of her kids.
ms taylor then sent the photos to walgreens for 1 hr processing.
after my shift, i ran and picked them up and made her an adorable book of photos.
but really, this teachers week really sucked.
and a regular book of photos wouldn't do.
so i went to skiptomylou and found this...

i put little embellishments on the pages and made it awesome!

well, that just isn't enough for a teacher who has a daughter battling cancer, is it?!
so i found out that this teacher loves coke (not diet, which is the official drink of lds women in utah), so i found this craft lunch box and my modge podge and...
i even punched a hole in a metal coca cola bottle top and hung it on the handle with all the ribbons.
and still that wasn't enough!
i had a glass bottle of coke, and decided to do one last thing
(that i of course didn't take a photo of!).
i tied a tag around it that said
'i'd like to teach the world to spell...'
needless to say, i'm amazing!

and it wasn't even one of my kids teachers!

what i did with some of my birthday money...

Friday, May 13, 2011 | | 2 comments
well, i spent it all on my of course!
here are some of the highlights...
a regular cardigan that turns into...
way funky cardi!
(this is from sears!)

notice the cute yellow shoes! i got this cardi from pennys.
(yes-i must have a thing for cardigans)

shoes! white from target and animal from di (originally from payless, and unworn!)

cool butt bracelet from pennys.
and there is more to come!
don't  you love shopping with me?!

question of the week...

Monday, May 9, 2011 | | 2 comments
my little garden has things that are growing back from last year!
yea-less work for me!
here is my problem...
i know this is a strawberry plant.

but i cant tell if these are garlic or onions.
(because last year i planted both and have NO IDEA which are which)

and the same for these.

oh-and here is my 'helper' nate.

(yes-all the plants are fine even after he helped.)

so if you have any idea what i'm growing, please let me know!

nope i havent died...

Monday, May 2, 2011 | | 3 comments
just been working!
(let me say, my job as an aide at my kids school doesn't sound all that exciting but i LOVE IT!)
and actually got rid of my strep in early january!

so what have i been doing...
other than NOT blogging about all my craftiness and money saving-ness.
i turned 40!
and had a super surprise party where is totally didn't see it coming!
i have shopped.
i have started oil painting.
i HAVEN'T gotten pregnant.
i figured out that my nook can download FREE music from the library (thanks summer)!

so, see i have been busy.
and neglectful.
please forgive me.
i will post more and i swear it will be full of all the fun that you expect from the thrifty ba!
(thanks for sticking with me! especially dawn-kate's mom-i know i let you down!)

(this is a photo from my surprise party, taken by 'aunt peg' (aka amber!))
and yes, that is a crown on my head!

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