nope i havent died...

Monday, May 2, 2011 |
just been working!
(let me say, my job as an aide at my kids school doesn't sound all that exciting but i LOVE IT!)
and actually got rid of my strep in early january!

so what have i been doing...
other than NOT blogging about all my craftiness and money saving-ness.
i turned 40!
and had a super surprise party where is totally didn't see it coming!
i have shopped.
i have started oil painting.
i HAVEN'T gotten pregnant.
i figured out that my nook can download FREE music from the library (thanks summer)!

so, see i have been busy.
and neglectful.
please forgive me.
i will post more and i swear it will be full of all the fun that you expect from the thrifty ba!
(thanks for sticking with me! especially dawn-kate's mom-i know i let you down!)

(this is a photo from my surprise party, taken by 'aunt peg' (aka amber!))
and yes, that is a crown on my head!


Chris said...

So glad to know you're doing well. Happy Belated Birthday!

Dollie said...

I was just wondering about you a couple of weeks ago! Glad to know everything is fine, and that you are loving your job! Happy belated Birthday!!

Barb said...

Great to see you alive and partying!!

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