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Friday, April 30, 2010 | | 2 comments
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party at the thrifty house part 2!

lets try this again!

Thursday, April 29, 2010 | | 3 comments
tomorrow i am going to hold my 2nd weekly blog party...
better known as party at the thrifty house!
i even have a button for it! (thanks to sharon!)


tomorrow there isnt a theme-just show me what you have!

10 things i have learned from thrift stores...

1. the davinci code sold over 80 million copes. i bet half of them on now on the shelves of the d.i. for $2.
in hardback.
2. if you are looking for candlesticks, look in the toys. dont ask.
3. not even the geeky people play trivial prusuit anymore.
4. the entire population of utah must have had the movie 'titanic' on vhs. and now they all must have it on dvd because guess where the vhs's are?
5. it is cheaper and better for your health if you dont go to mcdonalds and just get your happy meal toys here.
6. the 'heart in the wood shelf' craze from the 1990s is FINALLY over. i dont even think d.i. wants them.
7. people buy alot of crap from late night infor-mericals and never open them.
8. if it looks old and it is painted-i bet it IS lead paint.
9.  put everything you think you might like in your cart RIGHT THEN! you can always take it out later. dont ever think it will be there while you look around for a bit.
10. people dont look at you weird if you go to the thrift store with 2 different shoes on. they just dont.
(actual photo taken january 24th after a trip to the midvale savers. no one noticed my shoes didnt match. id like to think my beauty blinded them from my faults.)
so-have any things you have learned you want to add?

this could have ended worse...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 | | 12 comments
about a year ago i made some frames with my friend heather at a craft night. she used to do this all the time. just find idea for crafts, have friends place orders, and meet up. of course, there would be food-because why craft with friends if there wasnt food? she let me join her group for these projects and i only made the frames.
and for whatever reason, i painted mine red with black crackley finish.
nothing in my home matches that.
so for a year they sat in the corner of the craft room, slowly being buried by other un-finished projects, bags of things i got on sale at hobby lobby and empty bags of swedish fish.
then someone thought it would be a good idea to clean the craft room. (that someone was me. i was looking for hidden easter gifts. i got distracted and never finished looking for them.)
now the frames are fine, just painted in the most ugly way possible.
in another move of genius, i thought id paint them cool blue breeze
 (no i dont get paid everytime i use that color and blog about it. but i should!)
and use a white crackley finish on top.
i know-so far so good.
'ba,' you are thinking to yourself, 'how could you mess this up?'
then i went to use the white and realized I HAVE NO CRACKLE FINISH. no fear-i remember reading on the interwebs that you could use white elemer's glue.
so i googled it and yup-you sure can-just water in down a bit.
then (i know-this is longer than you thought it would be!) i realized that i dont have elmer's.
only gorella wood glue.
so i watered it down and got to work.
mostly because i am extreamely inpatient and i wanted these done NOW!
i should have waited.
or called a friend.
 i have a few and i bet one would happen to have some elmer's glue.
and i bet they would even let me use it.
so it kinda worked out, but not as crackey as i would have liked.
but at least it doesnt look like it belongs on the cover of a twilight book.

ps-you can look at the projects on heathers page, but HOLY CRAP i was fat then! i have lost 20+ lbs since then and look tons better!
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my love affar with kohls and other thoughts going thru my head

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 | | 8 comments
do you have a kohls nearby? we finally do, and even when it wasnt really nearby, i would shop there way way too much.
back me up other kohls shoppers-there is always a sale! and you can always find a last minute gift at kohls for a great price.
now take a look at this shirt. i have no idea what animal they are mimicking here, but I LOVE IT! i havent been my old funky self for awhile, and when i saw this in the JUNIORS section, i knew i had to have it.
well, that and the fact that it ended  up costing about $6.
for those of you who didnt know me way back when, i used to be very funky. i was always stylish and cool and people wanted to be me (at least, that is how i perceived the world!). since i moved to utah (very conservative), got married (aka out of money) and had kids (even more broke)-i opted for safe, boring clothes.
my 25 year old self would put a via spegia boot heal thru my eye if she saw me now.
but that is going to change. i want to be the 'funky ba' again. if that means i cant have as many clothes/shoes/jewerly because i cant find them easily here in utah-im ok with that.
am i going to rebel so far from my 39 year old self that i wear daisey dukes to take the kids to the park.
uuummm...let's just say...
but i will be funky ba.
just not nakedly dressed ba.
(thank me now for that decision!)
and yes, i believe this must be my mid-life crisis.
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hey now, you're a rockstar...

Monday, April 26, 2010 | | 5 comments
remember way back on april 1st, i won from this etsy shop. i choose to get 'rockstar' in this fabric for nate. i just ironed them onto a shirt fromhollby lobby and i was DONE!
he thinks he is a rockstar.
he acts like a rockstar.
at times we cater to his rockstar attitude.
he is living the dream.
(nate told me that he was sitting like rockstars do in this photo. i also couldn't get him to smile, because he said rockstars don't smile. i dont know what drugged up/out rockstar he has been seeing. i dont remember him being allowed to watch 'sid and nancy'.)

tell me im not alone...

Saturday, April 24, 2010 | | 5 comments
yesterday i was running around with nate and it was lunch time. usually i throw a few granola bars in the back seat and let him play 'treasure hunt' in the back seat while i drive over to hobby lobby for some shopping.
but yesterday, but yesterday...i felt nice.

me: natey-how about a happy meal?
nate: really?
me: yes-chicken nuggets or cheeseburger?
nate: mom, can we go inside so i can play at the playland?
me: no, not today.
nate: it is because of the swine flu, huh?
me: that's right! darn swine flu! (and i actually made a fist and shook it in mock-anger)

so today when i was tell the story to  chris, he was a little upset that i would blame the swine flu and not the fact that i HATE playlands.
he actually said that that is something my mom would say.
(yes we are still married. but surely headed for counciling)

so i need to have some back up from you out there. what do you think?
***remember last spring, the swine flu hit really hard. how do we know it isnt going to happen again? (chris didnt go for that argument)***

did i tell you that i really, really hate playlands?

it's a party in the thrifty house today!

Friday, April 23, 2010 | | 2 comments

the end of the star wars room!

well, nate's room is done. for now at least. here are some highlights. this is right as you first walk into the room. you see his star wars death star art, his non-star wars book (we will get to the star wars ones in a minute) and his magnet board.
then we have his AMAZING clone trooper pillow. nate put his pillow sidewas for the photo. whatever...
here is nate's star wars book library on his dresser. which actually was is aunt mindy's dresser as a kid. then it became parker's now it is nates. it gets around. the frame is holding the peice of film from this post. just where it ended up.
and lastly, here is the corner near his bed. the vinyl on the wall says '3...2...1...blastoff' from years ago. there are some star wars things and some just boy/kids/nate stuff up here.
you cant see it but the worlds coolest star wars clock is right above the poster.
whew...we are DONE! thanks for haning in there with me!
and im not starting another room again until it gets too unbearablely hot ouside. so july.

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do you have an aunt peg?

Thursday, April 22, 2010 | | 4 comments

is she as talented as THIS aunt peg?------->
do you have a sister sally?
is she as fun as THIS sally?
does your aunt peg also have a recipe box?
THIS one does!
guess what these women have in common?
well, other than being sisters.
and not my sisters.
they are all having giveaways!
and because no one is entering, i am winning alot of them!
so maybe i shouldnt be tell you about these web sites...

oh, and if you are local (as in south west salt lake valley), aunt peg is having a party!
come get a preview of her wonderful jewerly and her great prices HERE.

i wanna try something new...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 | | 5 comments
i want to try to party.
you know the kind where you show off what you have been making and so proud of.
(i would serve food if i could because those are always the best parties.)
oh well...
so im thinking this friday, there will be a party.
not sure of the name.
not really sure how i will do it.
but just show up and post what you have been up to.
and if it goes well, i might do it again!

did this ever happen to you?

(if you are my friend, it has...)
it is 5pm.
you have just dropped off one kid at soccer practice and got another from scouts.
the garage door wont open because the clicker is out of batteries.
you have at least one child in the car that needs to pee.
and your cell phone is ringing.
and it is me.
and i need some spice to finish dinner. and i really dont want to run to walmart.
but you dont know if you have said spice because your spice cabinet is over flowing with so many bottles. and now you have to pee.
well, i am here to solve your problem! so you can solve mine when i call next time!
i do this about every 28 6 months. i take all my spices down, put them into piles according to height and start to write them all down. then i put them away and print a list off in word.
i know-so low tech.
it is kinda nice because i see what i have double of (which this time was ONLY ground cloves, crushed red pepper, parsley flakes and ground cumin!), what im low on (garlic. but i eat ALOT of garlic. i would bathe in garlic if i could. and if  you want to get on my good side-get me a garlic bread from harmons!)
as you see from the photo, i can now see what i have.
and as you can also see from the photo, you dont see my other shelves that are a mess!
anywas-this is my low tech solution to knowing what you have.
and just a hint, if you see my number on your caller id at 5pm-dont answer it. im just being lazy and not wanting to go to the store.

and the beautiful necklace goes to...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 | | 3 comments
(i would have posted this sooner but the phones and internet ahve been down. then i went out to eat and then chris met us at the resturant! coming home a full day before expected!)
oh first let me thank rebekah at fashionable finery for the wonderful giveaway! i would really have liked to keepit for myself, but im a give give give kinda gal...
and then i would like to thank you all for entering the giveaway and following me!
oh yes, the final gift of my birthday giveaway goes to...
(you can thank natey as he is the one who picked your number.)

congrats! and enjoy the rest of my birthday day!

lucky birthday!

im taking a road trip to idaho today and buying some lottery tickets!
so far, i have won a prize at sister sally's AND at aunt peg's!
and it isnt even 9am!
be sure to go to siser sally's and enter to win her newest giveaway!
i will send some birthday luck with you!
(tell them i sent you! it will bring you luck! because good things alwys happen on my birthday!)
***update! i just won at the vintage pearl too!***

a winner has been choosen!

just a quick thank you to everyone who has been/is now following my blog!
and now for what you are really wanting to know...
oh, and the winner was picked by parker, while he was watching the show 'adventure time' in another room and wasnt influenced at all by who he was picking...
and the winner is ....
DOLLIE at dollie's creations!
congrats dollie! send me an email ( with your address and i will get that sent out!
and be sure to stay tuned to the other giveaway im doing with fashionable finery! you still have time enter!
and ps-im having a great birthday so far!

another giveaway...for me?

Monday, April 19, 2010 | | 0 comments
well, not FOR me, but during my birthday week.
and im not hosting the giveaway, just letting you know about it.
so here you go-
one cheap b*tch (yes, that is her blogs name!) is giving away a gift card for either
home depot,
pottery barn
or home goods.
for $75 SMACKERS!
so click here for the give away!

in honor of my birthday...

or maybe hers...
or our birthday MONTH.
yup-that is the line im going with!
blue cricket design is giving away an adorable birthday hat pattern! so click HERE and enter!
and dont forget to enter in my TWO giveaways! today is the last day to enter!

just to clairify...

Sunday, April 18, 2010 | | 2 comments
on this post, i said that one way to enter is 'one final way-send me a card/gift that has to arrive by 4.20.10 at 5pm mst!'
just an fyi, this is a REAL way to enter.
if you need an address to overnight me something-email me!

'let the wild rumpus begin!' cried max

Saturday, April 17, 2010 | | 13 comments
wild rumpus aka my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!
if you are new, or just havent had the blessing of being anywhere near me on my birthday...
i love my birthday.
really really love it.
and to celebrate my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND and thethriftyba hitting 100 followers (thank you all!), one of you lucky blogger friend is getting a prize from rebekah at fashionable finery.
who is this rebekah who makes such fashionable finery, you may ask...
well, i have known her since she was a small cute little girl.
i think she might have just been potty trained when i met her.
now she is a mom.
yes that would make most people feel old- but not me!
because it is my birthday weekend!
(in case you havent heard!)
isnt this necklace just beautiful/unique/perfect for giving away for my birthday weekend?!
so here is what you need to do to get in on this...

follow me. you know the drill, click on the box where all the photos are.
if you already follow, just let me know.
so there is one entry there. you are that much closer to being a winner!
more entries? well...
check out fashionable finery and come back and tell me about one of your favorite things there.
another entry? follow rebekah.
you can follow me on facebook for yet another entry to this giveaway.
one final way-send me a card/gift that has to arrive by 4.20.10 at 5pm mst!

im not computer savy cool enough to have buttons and all that or i would make that one of the ways to enter. maybe by next time i will have figured that out!

will have one of my kids randomly pick an entry on the night of my birthday. so we can end it on a happy note!

thank you all and have a wonderful birthday weekend for me!

and if you havent done so-enter HERE to win here!

i got a cricut!

Friday, April 16, 2010 | | 8 comments
please tell me you know what a cricut is? google it or click here to learn more.
either way you will find that it is AWESOME!
i so dont deserve it, but i wont tell chris that.
i dont want to mess with the fantasy!
my first project isnt all that impressive, but i wanted to share.
and not one of you should be surprised that it has to do with my birthday.
and if you are, where have you been the days
(i count down to christmas and my birthday. and fyi only 252 days until christmas)
oh and incase you havent entered my give away (there will be another one tomorrow too),
click HERE.

a give away for my birthday weekend!

somehow, someway, i was contacted to be a giver-awayer for cns stores.
must be because of my birthday day/week/month.
maybe not.
no-that must be the reason!
they have tons and tons of everyday items...are you eating on paper plates? they can fix you up.
want an animal print carry on? its here.
does dear husband want a corner tv stand?
want to get your kids outside away from the xbox? make swing on this baby!

but what about the give away ba? what are you giving away?
how about THIS!
it is a paula dean stone wear baking pan!

not only will one person get this dish-but when i post the winner-i will post some sort of food for EVERYONE to put in it. im just a giver like that.
so because im an easy kinda girl, all you have to do is follow this blog and put a comment on this post. of course, if you are one of my faithful blogger-friends, just let me know that in your comments.
i will draw the winner on my birthday! because everyone should be celebrating that day!

a give away to you on my birthday week?!

Thursday, April 15, 2010 | | 1 comments
yes i think so!

stay tuned for 2 (YES 2) giveaways from
the thrifty ba
in the middle of
birthday week 2010!

jack be nimble, jack be quick...

i think im the last person on earth to re-paint/purpose a candle stick in the blog world. in my defense, this is the first one i have seen that has been wood and not teeny-tiny. seriously, was it hip and cool to have such tiny little candle sticks? or worse, brass ones?
and for $1.50, can you say STEAL!
i scraped off about an inch of wax off of this baby before priming it. then i watered down some teal-ish paint and stained it. then of course, i shabby-ed it up a bit. im still working on what to put with it. and if it is going to even stay in the tv room. it might be too nice to hang out with spongebob and lego star wars.

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happy birthday!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 | | 2 comments
oh no-not me!
that isnt for another 6 days!
it is my bff/sister nicole's birthday! you might remember her from here or here.
that is her 2nd from the left.
oh yea, that is me in the blue shirt next to her (that is a swatch shirt! so rad!), dayna in the drivers seat and kerry at the end.
we were soooo cool sitting on maggie's car (kerry's mom).
quick story-when we were growing up, we thought we were the pink ladies from 'grease'. we even met in a club house (aka nicole's gardening shed), had secret meetings and made a pink ladies potion. and of course we all had pink lady jackets. (dayna had pink underwear but that is a totally different post!)
by 1988, we had grown out of that but must have thought electric blue cars were 'totally awesome'.
the 1980s...what were we thinking?
so happy birthday nicole! i love you!
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