'let the wild rumpus begin!' cried max

Saturday, April 17, 2010 |
wild rumpus aka my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!
if you are new, or just havent had the blessing of being anywhere near me on my birthday...
i love my birthday.
really really love it.
and to celebrate my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND and thethriftyba hitting 100 followers (thank you all!), one of you lucky blogger friend is getting a prize from rebekah at fashionable finery.
who is this rebekah who makes such fashionable finery, you may ask...
well, i have known her since she was a small cute little girl.
i think she might have just been potty trained when i met her.
now she is a mom.
yes that would make most people feel old- but not me!
because it is my birthday weekend!
(in case you havent heard!)
isnt this necklace just beautiful/unique/perfect for giving away for my birthday weekend?!
so here is what you need to do to get in on this...

follow me. you know the drill, click on the box where all the photos are.
if you already follow, just let me know.
so there is one entry there. you are that much closer to being a winner!
more entries? well...
check out fashionable finery and come back and tell me about one of your favorite things there.
another entry? follow rebekah.
you can follow me on facebook for yet another entry to this giveaway.
one final way-send me a card/gift that has to arrive by 4.20.10 at 5pm mst!

im not computer savy cool enough to have buttons and all that or i would make that one of the ways to enter. maybe by next time i will have figured that out!

will have one of my kids randomly pick an entry on the night of my birthday. so we can end it on a happy note!

thank you all and have a wonderful birthday weekend for me!

and if you havent done so-enter HERE to win here!


Chris said...

I am also a follower!

Chris said...

Happy birthday, again! I'd love to win a necklace.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I am a follower!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you

Today is your day, and you're wished the best,
I hope you celebrate it, with a lot of zest.

For today though you are a year older,
Store away your many wishes, until you feel bolder.

So let the drums roll and horns toot,
Now make a wish for a lot of loot.

Alissa said...

Shoot me an email. Ill help out with making you a button. And I adore the wire wrapped cuff.

tinahead81 said...

super cute!! happy birthday!!! (follower!!)

Summer Miller said...

Soooo. I follow you, follow you on facebook, am now following the other blog and my favorite thing is actually the necklace you're giving away. Super cute! And did I mention that I LOVE YOU :)

Anonymous said...

me, me, me. I want to win this contest! I'm following you. And Happy Birthday. I want to make you a cute homemade gift, but I know it will be nothing compared to all the cute stuff you make!

Jenny said...

I follow you and Rebekah and I'm currently coveting her Lia Sophia knockoff.

scrappin'soccermama said...

I'm now a follower of Rebekah

scrappin'soccermama said...

I love the wire-wrapped cuff

scrappin'soccermama said...

I am a follower

scrappin'soccermama said...

Gift was given before the stated deadline (no thanks to my memory!)

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