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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 |
remember the other day when i won a MAJOR AWARD?
well, come to find out here that im suppose to give it away!
wtfreak? i wanna keep it!
oh, i can keep it, i just give a look-alike award to MY favorite bloggers! well, that is totally fine by me!
before that, i want to thank because i can for even thinking of me for this! i just started this blog at the beginning of the year and im hitting 100 followers any second now.
so here are 13 of my favorite bloggers, in no special order.
1. 733 blog they have this matchbox bag/mat that would have been very useful in church when natey was little. there is alos a linkup for 'what are little boys made of'. which is very useful for those of us who ONLY HAVE BOYS. lots of great ideas here!
2. brown paper packages is right this very second having a link party for all things mothers day! i haventreally started thinking about mothers day, as i am in the middle of birthday month. but when this week is over, i will have to start brain storming!
3. delicious ambiguity  i originally noticed because of the name. they are on the mothers day prep bandwagon too, becae they must not have known about my birthday week. she shows us how to make homemade bubbles here!
4. i want to live at centsational girl's home. check out her easter table. really. that is her table for easter! we ate on papaer plates because no one wanted to be stuck doing dishes all night.
5. finding fabulous is amazing. jane is what i want to be when i grow up. her home is fantastic! she also has a great link up every friday.
6. if you have not heard of trendy treehouse, you must be living under a rock. i have learned so much-like who knew a pumis stone could be used for this?!
7. if there is anything anthro/cool looking, ruffles and stuff can show you how to make it. i swear, i have never seen anyone so handy with a needle and thread! see this...
8. i dont know if i have told anyone how much i LOVE this blog. life in the pitts is about lanie living in pittsburgh. really, the city isnt that bad. read here how painful threading is. lanie is a just the funniest thing out there!
9. do you have fingerprints on the fridge? well, too bad, the blog address is already taken. rachelle has great taste in all she does. and she holds feature yourself friday...well, every friday!
10.i dont like to eat tatertots and jello-seperate or together. but i love this blog! take a look at her subway art from valentines day! i still drool over it!
11. crap ive made says it all...i quote 'because sometimes its amazing, and sometimes its just crap'. lol-who doesnt love honesty?! take a look at this not-crap plant hanger.
12. my frugal family loves the dollar tree almost as much as i do!
13. and last but not least, the idea room! this post is a little late for this year, but it is adorable!

so there you have it-13 bloggers who are fantastic! please click over and see them!
 comment how wonderful they are.
follow them.
tell them that i sent you!


jenjen said...

Thanks for the Major Award! It really means a lot to me! I think you are the coolest!


Tara said...

Thanks so much for choosing Trendy Treehouse as one of your favorites. I have to say, I love how candid you are. Awesomeness!!! Too Funny!

brown paper packages said...

Thank you so much!! It is very much appreciated. :)

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

That you so much for thinking of me. I love your honesty and your humour. It is very very appreciated! :)

Lanie Ree said...

This means so much to me! I'm glad that my blog makes you smile. And I'm excited to check out the other blogs you've awarded. Some of them are favorites of mine, and a few of them are completely new to me!

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