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Tuesday, April 27, 2010 |
do you have a kohls nearby? we finally do, and even when it wasnt really nearby, i would shop there way way too much.
back me up other kohls shoppers-there is always a sale! and you can always find a last minute gift at kohls for a great price.
now take a look at this shirt. i have no idea what animal they are mimicking here, but I LOVE IT! i havent been my old funky self for awhile, and when i saw this in the JUNIORS section, i knew i had to have it.
well, that and the fact that it ended  up costing about $6.
for those of you who didnt know me way back when, i used to be very funky. i was always stylish and cool and people wanted to be me (at least, that is how i perceived the world!). since i moved to utah (very conservative), got married (aka out of money) and had kids (even more broke)-i opted for safe, boring clothes.
my 25 year old self would put a via spegia boot heal thru my eye if she saw me now.
but that is going to change. i want to be the 'funky ba' again. if that means i cant have as many clothes/shoes/jewerly because i cant find them easily here in utah-im ok with that.
am i going to rebel so far from my 39 year old self that i wear daisey dukes to take the kids to the park.
uuummm...let's just say...
but i will be funky ba.
just not nakedly dressed ba.
(thank me now for that decision!)
and yes, i believe this must be my mid-life crisis.
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tinahead81 said...

ok, that is a great top!! i LOVE kohls!! one opened about 15 minutes away...i call it the "danger zone" because the kohls, walmart, marshalls, ac moore, bed bath and beyond and now home goods are all on the same street, practically touching one can i NOT go to more than one in an outting ?!?! ;op

get down with yo' funky self!!

Anonymous said...

I have not been to kohls in awhile But I may go this weekend, depends on if the storms pass through fast, I hate going out when it is raing cats & dogs lol

Anonymous said...

I went on Saturday (without kids--that is the key here) and had a 30$ gift certificate. I bought 200$ worth of clothes, but with all the discounts, getting a kohls card and saving 20% plus 10$ off each order (since I was getting such good deals I shopped twice...) and then gettting 10$ in kohls cash, it ended up costing me FIVE DOLLARS! No joke! and you are SOOO stylish!

Summer Miller said...

Oh la la.... Please tell me you will still wear the boring baseball uniform for games though. You may distract the dads with that little number ;)

AngieMarie said...

you're rocking whatever animal print that is. and, i too love kohls. in fact...i just might head there now. i need some new jeans and am hoping that i can get into the next size down (fingers crossed...and tummy sucked in)!!

Barbara said...

Okay, for some reason I cannot see the shirt. I'll look for you to be wearing it around the school.

I love Kohl's, too! I can't wait to do a lot of shopping there in the months to come when my size is dropping! :)

Dee said...

I think the Via Spiga went through my eyes too, 'cause I can't see the shirt either!! said...

I adore Kohls, and yes - they always have a sale! I think you look great in your new top! Looking forward to more funky stuff!

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