10 things i have learned from thrift stores...

Thursday, April 29, 2010 |
1. the davinci code sold over 80 million copes. i bet half of them on now on the shelves of the d.i. for $2.
in hardback.
2. if you are looking for candlesticks, look in the toys. dont ask.
3. not even the geeky people play trivial prusuit anymore.
4. the entire population of utah must have had the movie 'titanic' on vhs. and now they all must have it on dvd because guess where the vhs's are?
5. it is cheaper and better for your health if you dont go to mcdonalds and just get your happy meal toys here.
6. the 'heart in the wood shelf' craze from the 1990s is FINALLY over. i dont even think d.i. wants them.
7. people buy alot of crap from late night infor-mericals and never open them.
8. if it looks old and it is painted-i bet it IS lead paint.
9.  put everything you think you might like in your cart RIGHT THEN! you can always take it out later. dont ever think it will be there while you look around for a bit.
10. people dont look at you weird if you go to the thrift store with 2 different shoes on. they just dont.
(actual photo taken january 24th after a trip to the midvale savers. no one noticed my shoes didnt match. id like to think my beauty blinded them from my faults.)
so-have any things you have learned you want to add?


Melissa said...

To find one pair of decent fitting jeans you must take no less than 25 into the change room. I think once I tried on almost double that.

Renee' said...

Oh those are CUTE:)
Ok I will post
10 things i have learned from thrift stores on my blog

Summer Miller said...

Love this entry. Thanks for the laugh this morning. I happen to have many heart in the wood shelves in my garage right now just screaming to come back in style.

the thrifty ba said...

email me at thethriftyba@yahoo.com
your email address/blog doesnt come up when i click on your name! i would love to see your blog!

Amanda said...

Great post!

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

This is really funny -- especially since I just posted some thrift store shopping tips on my own blog this week! But yours are funnier!!

Hello - my name is Jennifer and I'm a thrift store addict! I am also your newest follower!! LOL!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

"people buy alot of crap from late night infor-mericals and never open them"

Did you happen to know my mother? Seriously she loved anything with the "as see on TV label" on it.

Great post! BTW - I'm your newest following via Follow Me Fridays.

Lanie Ree said...

Awesome tips! And completely true. I'm pretty sure my VHS copy of Titanic ended up on a DI shelf a few years ago...and is probably still there.

Shayna @ Texas Monkey said...

This is great, made me laugh. Thanks for stopping by and following me so I could come here and find you, loving your blog and now your newest follower.

One Life Many Journeys said...

Right on sister! I thought you were going to tell us you painted that cute design on your shoe? LOL

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