lucky birthday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 |
im taking a road trip to idaho today and buying some lottery tickets!
so far, i have won a prize at sister sally's AND at aunt peg's!
and it isnt even 9am!
be sure to go to siser sally's and enter to win her newest giveaway!
i will send some birthday luck with you!
(tell them i sent you! it will bring you luck! because good things alwys happen on my birthday!)
***update! i just won at the vintage pearl too!***


Staci said...

It's a beautiful day for a road trip! Go through Logan and have some Aggie Ice Cream on your way home...

Seriously though - way to go!

Dollie said...

Look at you!! Today is your very lucky day :) Happy Birthday

scrappin'soccermama said...

Congrats, girl! Happy Birthday!

Twee Poppets said...

Wow, that IS a lucky birthday! And I won something today, too! Our birthday rocks! Happy birthday!

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