life in the pitts has good taste

Friday, April 2, 2010 |
im not exactly sure how i found this blog, but life in the pitts is a great one. she has giveaways (WOO HOO), fun stories about her work, her etsy shop and about living it pittsburgh. good times...
today she showcased ME in her creative therapy session.
i dont have one of the cute crafts that everyone is going to want to run to hobby lobby and re-create.
keep scrolling....keep scrolling...
yup-that is me at the bottom with the blue hairball egg.
im just happy to be noticed.
and on my birthday month no less!


Meet Virginia said...

Beth Anne! Guess what you one Meet Virginia's Giveaway!! Email me your address @, and I will send it out to ya!! Thanks so much for entering I am so happy you won!!


Meet Virginia Crafts
Meet Virginia's Etsy Shop

Melissa said...

Way to be awesome.

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