happy spring break!

Thursday, April 1, 2010 |
i can FINALLY post these photos of what i made for my kids teachers for their 'spring break gift'.
i know, who really gives a spring break gift.
well, that would be me.
last year i made this for nate's preschool teacher. it was just sunflower seeds, but i loved the packaging. (parkers teacher got the same gift, but in a bag. not as cool.)
since i know that my teachers dont read my blog, i can even tell you how much it all cost. these little note cards cards i got at michaels crafts. usually they are $1 a pack, but they were 50% off, so $3 for all of these.
i scored these buckets LAST after easter sale for 25 cents a peice.
yup-i will keep things 11 months and use them the next year.
the easter grass, the pink tulle and yarn i had sitting around for some reason.
so for each $1.75 for each spring break gift.
not too bad for a non-gift.
(and trust me, if you had my kids in your class, you would deserve a spring break gift in fact, when they go back to school tuesday, i should be getting a gift from the teacher because they were with me for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT.)
(ok-i lost the photos of the end product! i am still looking for them but i have to get to my jazzercise class. i will keep looking when i get home because they are SO DANG CUTE!)
OK-IM EMBARRASSED-i cant find the photo. it isnt on the camera and not on the computer. so let me describe the photo to you...
it was the cutest blue bucket (you know the ones im talking about. target always has them) and the east grass was paper with a camo design on it. the pink tulle was PINK. BRIGHT PINK. and looked perfect! and of course my boys didnt want to touch them because they were pink.


tinahead81 said...

can't wait to see!! i do gifts too~come on over, i posted mine today!

Melissa said...

Pictures, or it didn't happen! ;) :D

Sandi said...

I miss Spring Break. Once you're all growed-up, and your kids are all growed-up, it's just another week. Except that stores are overrun with kids.

And, yes, I DO know that "growed-up" is not correct grammar.

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