smith's has saved my family from starvation again!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 |

smiths is having a buy 4, get $4 off sale certain foods sale. quaker granola bars are on that deal.
and let me give you a glimpse into my parenting skills-when my kids moan about being hungry and im busy on facebook, napping cleaning bathrooms, i usually tell them to grab a granola bar. that buys me a about 30 minutes before they find me again and expect me to do something else for them.
anyways, before any discounts, each box was $2.11, but if you buy 4, $4 comes off. making each box $1.11.
now $1 a box is when i usually stock up on granola bars, so this is a good deal.
until i come in with 2, buy 2 get 75 cents off coupons! (from the red plum coupon inset from 2.14.10) making each 74 cents!
even the smiths lady (who i see all. the. time.) was impressed by my score!
so if you have a smiths (they are a 'kroger' store. some of you might have another store that is part of the kroger company) get on down and steal get some granola bars.
they are partly healthy.
well, better than candy.
maybe not, but you can talk yourself into thinking that if you say it enough.


Melissa said...

I like how you scanned the receipt in case we didn't believe you. ;)

Rosemary said...

Cute post!!
The answer to your question about the eggs is some regular paper, some tissue from old dress patterns, some burlap, some old dictionary pages.
Try some!!
Have fun,

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