thrifty make-overs

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 |
i was in a crafty/need to prove i can do it mood.
first i found this wood note
 (half note? quarter note? guess who doesnt read music AT ALL?)
at roberts.( i went to hobby lobbywhich is much much closer to my home but of course,
they didnt have one).
after covering it with music paper i picked up at the d.i. and modge podged it (ok-am i the only one who likes the smell of modge podge?), it ended up looking very musical. i almost wanted to break out into song.
lucky for everyone i didnt...

i dragged my kids to savers and found this. now, i have nothing against the Lord or scriptures, but i spray painted right over this in black.
i hot glued the note to the hanging thing and it is still holding. i wasnt sure it would.
now i have a decoration for the piano room! (of course, the piano player in the house didnt even notice. ok-he is 9. and unless it is legos he doesnt really care.)
and while at savers i found these glass beaded picks. the whole mess for 99 cents (minus the discount). i had no idea where to use them but knew i could find a place.
and this is where they ended up. you remember the same end table from here. i got that bag of spools (most are empty but not all) from saver's as well. not the most creative spot but i have already had 2 complements!
 i wish we had better thrift stores out here. i have only found one g.w. and it wasnt one i will go back to. some store you go in, dont see anything but think...i bet it is just a bad day. this goodwill looks like it never had a good day. sad.
do you have one that you like? im in the south west part of salt lake county, 
but will travel (some) if you have one that is amazing.


Heather said...

We have the best thrift stores, ever! You said you would travel....

Rebekah said...

Unfortunately, our thrift stores are a sad excuse for a store at all in Montana, so no reason to visit here. On the bright side, I absolutely L-O-V-E the music note project you did. I majored in music education, did you know that? I'm not much of a decorator, so this gives me a great jump start on my music decor!

scrappin'soccermama said...

I love the music note!

Summer Miller said...

That turned out great. You are not only crafty you're handy. You did a great job helping build the nightstand that I did all by myself :) My husband is non the wiser :)

The Selleneits said...

verry cute I love it

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