the force is strong in this room...part 3

Thursday, March 25, 2010 |

right now, nate has THE COOLEST 'route 66' sign in his room. i got this from a talented friend 15+/- years ago. she actually MADE it. pretty cool, huh? it is on masonite. back then we didnt have vinyl machines that cut pretty things out (and i STILL DONT). this was done by hand with a silk screen. 'momma steph', as i call her, has real talent. it wasnt originally that 'distressed', i made it that way when i was doing nate's room the first time.
but now he wants a star wars room, so this is headed to the craft room (yea for me!). to replace it, i found a poster on that is not even as close as cool as my sign, but nate likes it. (clone trooper, of course)
im kinda sad because 1. i love the '66' sign and 2. the poster is very unoriginal.
and if you know nate, he is an original. and i want his room to show it.
so to make me feel like a better mom, i am framing these stamps that the kids got from their uncle pat. right now i have them in a cheap-o frame from dollar tree. but i am going to see what i can find that will make them stand out more (and right now, you can buy these stamps for $19.99, so i need to protect them until they go up in price more so i can pay for nate's college education).

and, for right now, i modged podged over this car ornament picture that i had modge podged over some country looking heart thingy i had from dollar tree. (got that?) another sad day, because i think the ornaments look really cool, but it isnt nate's 'thing' and im cheap. i just used some star wars scrapbok paper left over from here, so it matches the chalk/magnet board.
this re-do is taking more energy than i like to admit. just writing about it makes me want to nap.
just to show you how much little nate loves star here, and here, and here and here. and im sure there are more, but i bet most of you wont even check these.


Kim @ seven thirty three said...

So simple and perfect for your little guy.

Thanks for linking up.


Stacey said...

You should've seen Nate and Ry yesterday. Nate was playing a StarWars game on the computer and Ry on the Xbox but they'd pause to help each other. Super Cute. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Dee said...

I was so sad when my son went from his Cowboy room to the Marvel Comics room! Thanks for the comment on my are my new best friend!!

Slumber Designs said...

She MADE that Route 66 sign?? That girl has some talent!!

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

That is way cool- does she do others from around the country? I smell a groovey little business!! And man were you lucky to grow up Italian!

Sandi said...

My grandson was battling the waves at the ocean with his light saber. Apparently he won the match because he felt quite victorious. Then he found a hill which is named Tataouine. Your boys would have loved it!

fawnda said...

That Route 66 sign is awesome!

I am sure you son will love his room! :)

Jaime @ Our Journey said...

Really cute!!

Thanks for stopping by Our Journey and entering the Fabric Applique Awareness Ribbon Giveaway! (wow ... that was mouthful!) :o)

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Great blog, I'm always ready to save some money. Just became a follower, thanks!

jenjen said...

That is so fun! Love it!


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