must be the luck o' the irish!

Monday, March 15, 2010 |

while picking up a few necessities at walmart today (string cheese, candy, eggs, candy), i walked down the crafts isle and there it was...
aaaaahhhhhhhhh! (you have to sing that like a chorus of angels)
the big bite usually got for $40-50 bucks at the craft stores. and even with a 40%  off coupon, we are looking at $24-best case.
and i have really really wanted one for awhile. (even though i have the original crop o dile)
but today-they are marked down to $10!
and no i didn't buy all of them to see on ebay. i only purchased one.
and i think it will be part of my birthday gift.
and i might open in early to protest the fact that chris is headed out of town that week instead of celebrating me.


tinahead81 said...

ooooh, i'm jealous!!!

Summer Miller said...

I was so happy when I ran in there and found one. Truly a good day.

Jocelyn said...

man...I should have waited...I got mine for $20:-)

Deanna said...

Dja glue the little rubber bits onto the bottom of the feet? Saw that tip on youtube and I did it to mine.

What have you used it for? I have to say I have only punched holes in belts for my skinny boys and punched holes in a cd (tied a shoelace to it to make a lacing toy for the toddler).

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