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Monday, March 22, 2010 |
it all started with this little bunny in an etsy store. of course i fell in love! i mean, with the stenciling on the burlap-could that bunny get any sweeter!?
then...oopsey daisy made one here.
so of course, instead of cleaning before in my free time before chris came home from a business trip, i made a few!
i pretty much followed what 'daisy' said, except i was able to sew across the top after filling mine with beans.
i didnt sew the ears together, but i did hot glue them. (we had 5 or more kids in the house. i loose count after awhile)
and instead of useing a stamp pad, i used my good old cover girl pink blush. it looks good on everyone!
the sad thing is, i made these to give to some friends, but that might not happen now. they are just too cute.
and im out of supplies. (i know-out of burlap!? wtfreak?!)
so thank you oopsey daisy for the instructions (because we all know that i'm not very creative AT ALL. but i am a good copier!).
**oh and on the 'red' one, i used one of those elastic bands that are on the inside of pants for kids. you know, the bands that make a size 10 slim even skinner (and they still fall off). the pants were distroyed and i scavaged everything i could. i'm so freakin' thrifty. or weird. (please no comments on the weird part)**

update...i DID end  up giving my little bunnies away. but they went to wonderful homes! here is what summer posted on facebook for the universe to see...Beth Anne is one of the craftiest, sweetest people around. I am so lucky to share in her wonderfulness :)

i also wanted to show what happens when you are on the phone with your little brother and are trying to sew split green peas into a burlap bag. there are many many more on the floor.
so for the love of pete, stay off the phone when you sew these little guys together!Sumo Sweet Stuff

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One Cheap B*tch said...

I love these bunnies! I actually bought one off of Etsy and I love it! They are just so adorable!

tinahead81 said...

oh my goodness! now those are cute!!!

Lori said...

These are adorable!

Found you through Trendy treehouse!

I would like to invite you to my Get your craft on Thursday party! It of course happens each Thursday and would love to have you over.

Kaysi said...

So cute!! I really like these

Heather said...

I save everything salvageable from old clothes as well, only I don't find fun creative uses for them. They just sit and wait...maybe for you.

Thrifted Treasure said...

They are really cute!!! Just wanted to let you know I havn't forgotten about creating you something nice for my Pay it Forward, I'm just taking time looking at the blogs of the 3 people I'll be making for and trying to decide what they would like :-) I'm nowhere near as creative as you, now I'm scared!!

Summer Miller said...

The bunny is even cuter in person and is very cuddly :) I keep thinking I need to make them but now I'm leaning towards buying you all the supplies and letting you do it :)

Laura said...

This is adorable!!

Debbie said...

Adorable! said...

This is very cute!

Thanks so much for linking up at my link up party! Please join me Friday for another party!

Anonymous said...

I love them!! So cute!! :)

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