child repellant...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 |
whenever i want to keep my kids away, i plug in my hot glue gun. they scatter like they are running from chores!
it is AMAZING!
you see, at different times in their lives, they have both been burned by one. (thankfully it wasn't my fault, both times were at school) and, as we all know, it hurts.
but yet, i still use my on a regular basis.
my kids on the other hand, are smarter than i. they run.
so for a visual, when i burn myself crafting, it goes down like this...
i say a few words under my breath, shake my hand and jump around the room and then finally pull the cooled off glue off.
then i go back and keep useing it.
they think i'm nuts.
maybe i am.
but at least they aren't around to see it.


Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

I have a low temp glue gun and it does not hurt as bad when you get some on ya. I think it works just as well. No clue where I got it though...I have had to soooo many years.

jenjen said...

LOL - it's the same way around here!!! Did you change your layout? it looks great!


Cristin@ Serendipity said...

Oh no! ...I have a love/hate relationship with my gluegun!

Sandi said...

Kid repellant - I love it. As for a kid "gatherer", my mom always said that anytime she wanted to know where we were, she would just go in the bathroom and close the door. Amazingly we would all appear outside the door needing her for something!

Delightful Dwelling said...

That's funny! I have a few hot glue gun burns too, but it hasn't stopped me from using it. I just hate all the messy glue strings that seem to end up everywhere!

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