guess what i did instead of cleaning yesterday...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 |
i am certain ALL of  you in blog land saw this from MADE yesterday.
i think it went viral.
all i know is that it made me hungry.
i used pretty much the same instructions (because i am a copy cat...bunny...whatever) except i used a zig-zag stitch all the way around the peep.
no reason, i just like that stitch and use it whenever possible.
and i hot glued my peeps to the ribbon.
i do love the hot glue.
so here is my story that goes with peeps.
back in high school, my best friend was heather (h.d. for short). we did so much together people thought we were related. (see photo-we DO NOT look like we come from the same family at all)
here is a photo of us about 1988 in the district (washington dc). that is my brother aaron in the middle (getting squished) and patrick getting kicked in the face.

anyways, we loved peeps. and phar-more was having an after easter sale of the 12 packs of peeps...
10 for $1!
we used all of our money (maybe $10) and brought them home to get stale.
and yes, we ate every. last. one.
and got so freakin' sick.
i seem to remember someone asking for some malox late one night.
(that might have been me)
that hasnt stopped me from loving them. one year for easter, chris got me about 10 packs for myself!
best. easter. ever. (this was before kids and i didnt have to sare with ANYONE!)
so thanks MADE, you made my day!


jenjen said...

So cute. What a great project to do!


Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama said...

I love Peeps so much! But weirdly for me I don't enjoy the ones at other holidays nearly as much! Just the chicks and bunnies! To me they will always be an Easter treat!

Sandi said...

Ed is a peeps fanatic - at least he was until his stents a couple of years ago when he was told to cut down on sugar. Very sad day for him. The kids used to bring him peeps for Easter. Last year I found some fake, stuffed peeps!

ModernMom said...

Great! now I want some peeps:)

Dee said...

I'm not sure if I like peeps or not. I just ate some more to think about it....still on the fence. But I love your Peep Banner! As for the Star Wars Score at your Gee-Dub congratulations! My younger son would flip his lid! Mom of the Year for sure!

Anonymous said...

aren't those peeps the coolest, I had to do them too!

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