spring savings at savers (yes i like alliteration)

Friday, March 5, 2010 |
sometimes i wonder what people are thinking.
(and with my kids, that is a daily thing)
case in point...these ralph lauren capris.
the tags are still on them.
was this lady just going thru her spring stuff from last and found these and thought-'i won't be able to loose those last few pounds.' because if so that's sad.
or maybe she just knew i was coming and needed a deal. (which these were! $5.99 +20% off for brand spankin' new capris!)
and while we are talking about spring-i know i'm not the only one who can't wait for it to get here. i get very excited seeing some green popping out from all the snow and dead grass. this is the worse part of the year.
(thank goodness my birthday is only 45 days away! that is at least something to be positive about!)
but look how freakin' cute these look, even with my sweater and the sticker still on the leg!
i am imagining myself at the park with the kids, enjoying the sun and a book while they fight over who will go down the slide first.

(and yes that last photo of what size it is is just to make me feel good! i lost 23 pounds to wear that size 6 baby!)

and a big shout out to my littest brother who is turning 30 today! here is a photo of him as infant and here is a more recent one...happy birthday bro!


Dee said...

I ALWAYS wonder why people bring things to the Goodwill...I find myself making up these scenarios in my mind too!

Adrianna said...

Okay Skinny Minny! Before reading the post I looked at the pics (yes I'm one of those) and would of never thought you had kids! NEVER! And those are a great find. Our goodwill is like that. You can find all sorts of brand new items w/ tags.

And Happy Birthday to your little bro! (I only say bro b/c he's not a kid) :o)

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