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for those of you old enough to remember the movie 'the song of the south' (and please tell me there is a few of you! i'm not THAT old!), it was a half live action, half cartoon movie from disney. i checked and it was voluntary pulled by disney. i guess because of the way it portrays blacks. when i saw it, i was a child and must not have realized that.

when we were little, we had a book about the story of brer rabbit from the movie.
and aaron loved it.
there was one particular part where there was a baby made of tar (ok, this doesn't sound good) made to fool brer rabbit. when brer rabbit asks the tar blob something, it said nuthin'. and really-what did yo want it to say?
well aaron took that to mean that the tar sitting on a log said the word 'nothing'.
so for a long time after that, when the answer was 'nothing', we would say 'tar baby'.
we don’t do that much anymore.
but as i was throwing away an empty bottle of molasses, i noticed that the top had a drawing of brer rabbit on it.
so i couldn’t throw that lid away!
i made it into a magnet for aaron and hope to send it out here in the next day or 2. (he doesn’t check his own blog, let alone mine! i'm safe to post!)
i used some x2300 glue to glue 2 magnets to the lid (it was a tall lid).
yet another project that really doesn't need directions, but i know uncle nuz (someday i will tell you the story of how he got his nickname 'nuz'!) will enjoy it!
and really, what are big sisters for other than making crafts for theit little brothers!?

ps-i checked and 'the song of the south' was released for the last time in 1986, so i wasn't young when i saw it in the movies. now it is out of print not just in the usa but world wide.

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Stacey said...

I totally remmeber that movie and we had the book, too. ;)

Need to ask how you made the magnets that you posted b4 for your friend. It looked like you put cute paper in plexiglass or something like that. Will you post how you did those so I can make some? Pretty please?

Kaysi said...

I love that movie!! That's sweet that your daughter make crafts for her brother!

autumnchronicles said...

When I was in elementary school, we used to watch this in music class, and I had been thinking about it the other day. I couldn't remember what the movie was called, but I just liked the Zip-a-dee-doo-dah song. Near and dear to my heart.

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