my balls...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 |
some of you know, i love balls. this winter i made these as decorations. recently when i head to stores, i see if there are any. i dont know why-but im a little obsessed.
my nate has some in his room-an old set of bacchi/croquet balls i found for $2 at d.i.. all scratched up and used-PERFECTION. i have actually had them since parker was a baby.
they have been used in different rooms at different times. right now i traded out the red one that was down in the tv room for valentines day for a green one for spring. but most are in nate's room.
lucky kid.
here are 2 of my latest finds. top one from savers, with another 20% off makes this glass one pretty sweet.
you can see why i like this tan one...'B' and 'a' on it! how could i not get that for only $1+?! im in the middle of putting them with some balls that i am making right now, so i hope to have a finished project soon.
and yes, it does make me giggle to say 'balls' so much!


Leanne said...

Love your balls too. Ha Ha! I love the color of the a and b ball. Thanks for visiting.

Jane said...

Wow...your balls are fabulous! lol...never thought I'd write that either! Really, those are great, and if you buy them in a store their like $5.99 - $9.99 each! Thanks for stopping by Finding Fabulous...I followed ya too!

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