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Thursday, March 11, 2010 |
i was over in sandy looking for a certain-item-that-won't-be-named-right-now and i found myself right next to my favorite paper crafts store,
 heartfelt creations. i think it is the biggest scrapbooking store in utah.
remember when there was one on every corner?
anyways, they dont have many sales, and never have coupons. but if you are looking for a scrapbooking/paper crafts supply from paper wishes, but dont want to buy 3 dozen,  you can get it here.
needless to say, i love this place.
oh-back to the store...
 awesome sale going on right NOW!
anything with a red dot is 50% off.
everthing here in the photo is going to be going to my 'crazy' aunt trish. i always have a mothers day gift for her (that will be the small square wood 'open albume that only cost $1.38). of course, filled with photos of my boys.
her birthday, which is in july, will be that huge'lace up journal'. ($3.12) that will get to be all girly.
and christmas...yes CHRISTMAS, is a 'christmas hanger'.($2)
and i'm one of those people who buys stuff ahead of time and ACTUALLY REMEMBERS! (i know-you all hate me now)
so get on over to heartfelt creations and save some money!


Summer Miller said...

I've never been. Now I have to!

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