yup-this scared chris too...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 |
thankfully when i started this project, chris was in sacramento on a business trip.
things usually go better when he doesnt know what is happening until it is done and over with.
this all started when i realized that i wanted to do in an empty corner wasnt really something i could pull off (money or skills-wise). so i had to come up with a plan b.
and luck for chris me, plan b costs a lot less.
it all started with a trip to d.i., back in the scarey corner where all the men hang out looking at shelves, broken machinery and big heavy things.
that is where i found this beauty!
it was already painted white and only $10!
(saving chris so much money already!)
i started to hand sand the one door, but ran out of time (i dont like crafting after 5pm) and sandpaper.
so after running the kids to school, i made it to walmart as fast as i could (half day kindergarten doesnt give me much 'alone time').
after some more sanding, i realized what most of you already have figured out...
i should be useing a electric sander.
things went MUCH faster then!
i sanded the doors in the just the right places and i was done in no time.
i didnt clean the door before i sanded (see-i do think once in awhile), so i wiped them down and put them outside to dry.
(by then i had a phone call from school about an injury on the playground, so for once, it was really good timing!)
when i got home, got everything cleaned up (because sanding on the kitchen table just makes a huge mess all over the house! but i hadnt dusted in months since monday, so i had to dust everything), they were dry.
i placed them in my empty corner and i think i like it. i need a taller stool/something there with it.
aaahh-that just means another project for chris's next trip out of town (which is on my birthday! no-im not happy about that at all.)
so tell me what you think. do you need a closer up photo of my distressing or are you just going to believe me when i say it looks really good?

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Staci said...

I think it looks great! I also have an empty corner in my living room. I need a bookshelf. Any ideas? I'm thinking of creating one with wooden fruit crates, but I'd need about 20 of them to fill the space. Like that's going to happen right here in SW SL valley...

DK said...

I love the color of the room, it's very calming and VERY groovy all at the same time!

Margie Widgeon said...

New to following you...love your blog....
hoping you stop my my place too


Laura said...

This looks great. The whit doors contrast well with the walls.

Feel free to stop by my blog and enter my necklace giveaway!

L@Craftaholics Anonymous said...

That's freakin awesome!! way to go!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Great way to fill an empty corner. You did a wonderful job! It looks great! Fun narrative!


too Blessed to Stress said...

Oh I love how you filled up the empty space with something tall - very cute!

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Rockin Momma said...

Happy Friday Follow, love meeting new blogging friends! I'm a new follower.

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

You are too funny! I love that title- you like to scare your hubby!! Hey- Happy Friday Follow- Stop by my place when you can :-)

Robyn said...

That looks great! I love your idea to add height to the space! new follower!

Sandi said...

Great idea! And I love the wall color, too.

Marie's Cozy Corner said...

new follower from friday follows...love what you have done.... :)

chubskulit said...

Hi there, visiting and following from Follow Me Friday.

Please come and follow me back when you have a chance. Have a great weekend!

Joy said...

That's a pretty way to fill a corner!

Susan said...

Someone else who does projects when hubby goes out of town. My husband and eldest daughter spent about 10 days in Denver (about 90 min away) at a client/family home laying hardwood floors. While he was gone, I painted the family room and two walls in his office..painting AROUND the wormy maple bookcase he built/installed in there. The silly thing is 7' x 7' and stunning. But it didn't 'pop' against the same colored wall. So while they were gone, I painted the wall (not getting a SPECK of paint on it TYVM), replaced his chair there with a girly reading corner (that he loves and uses all the time), painted the family room and the part of the kitchen walls that show. He was VERY surprised when he got home (and slept a while). He'll be taking our oldest daughter to college in August, so I'll figure out a project for then too :D

tales from an oc cottage said...


m ^..^

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