put on your red shoes and dance the blues

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 |
(thank you david bowie...)
there i am, walking thru walmart, getting ONLY what was on the list (you KNOW how hard that is! way too easy to get distracted in that store) and i saw a rack in the middle of the isle with clearence shoes on it.
usually i dont go near those shelves because they only ones left are either purple miley sneakers (and never in my boys size! ha ha!) or grandpa canvas slip on shoes. (and chris still like the velcro ones) (im just sooo funny today!)
but i looked anyhow (i get distracted so easy by shoes!) and found these sweet babies!
and only $2!
how could anyone expect me to pass those up?
so i got something that wasnt on my list.
thankfully it was only $2.
my usual not-on-the-list find is much more.
(saving chris some money again!)
and no-these ARE NOT part of my birthday gift. these are because i am awesome. and because my other red shoes arent anything like these!
or $2.
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tinahead81 said...

you ARE awesome, and so are those sneaks!

scrappin'soccermama said...

Love the shoes and love the price even more!

Renee' said...

Oh I Love the sneekers :)

Dee said...

$2.00 is FREE in my opinion!! Cute too!

Renee' said...

Oh did you see the Zebra Print ones they have on sale? I had to grab me a pair, could not find red ones .LOL Maybe we can swap rofl I send you zebra you send red ones lol

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