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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 |
about a year ago i made some frames with my friend heather at a craft night. she used to do this all the time. just find idea for crafts, have friends place orders, and meet up. of course, there would be food-because why craft with friends if there wasnt food? she let me join her group for these projects and i only made the frames.
and for whatever reason, i painted mine red with black crackley finish.
nothing in my home matches that.
so for a year they sat in the corner of the craft room, slowly being buried by other un-finished projects, bags of things i got on sale at hobby lobby and empty bags of swedish fish.
then someone thought it would be a good idea to clean the craft room. (that someone was me. i was looking for hidden easter gifts. i got distracted and never finished looking for them.)
now the frames are fine, just painted in the most ugly way possible.
in another move of genius, i thought id paint them cool blue breeze
 (no i dont get paid everytime i use that color and blog about it. but i should!)
and use a white crackley finish on top.
i know-so far so good.
'ba,' you are thinking to yourself, 'how could you mess this up?'
then i went to use the white and realized I HAVE NO CRACKLE FINISH. no fear-i remember reading on the interwebs that you could use white elemer's glue.
so i googled it and yup-you sure can-just water in down a bit.
then (i know-this is longer than you thought it would be!) i realized that i dont have elmer's.
only gorella wood glue.
so i watered it down and got to work.
mostly because i am extreamely inpatient and i wanted these done NOW!
i should have waited.
or called a friend.
 i have a few and i bet one would happen to have some elmer's glue.
and i bet they would even let me use it.
so it kinda worked out, but not as crackey as i would have liked.
but at least it doesnt look like it belongs on the cover of a twilight book.

ps-you can look at the projects on heathers page, but HOLY CRAP i was fat then! i have lost 20+ lbs since then and look tons better!
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Melissa said...

I never knew about the Elmer's glue trick! Thanks for the tip! Also, that shade of blue is very pretty.

Bobbie said...

I LOVE that :) I hope you stop on over at check me out saturday and link up. My readers would love it

Summer Miller said...

I'm sure I have glue somewhere!!!! I bet somewhere in the deep recesses of my storage room I even have crackle paint. If not I will brave the snow and go buy you some!!!!!!! I love that you share your not so perfect projects because it makes me feel sooooo much better about all the half done things I have going on in my house.

jenjen said...

Great job. I like that finish! Have a super day my friend!


Christy said...

Great tips on 'crackling' ;o). I was planning a project, and I wanted to have that same finish, and I didn't know there was an alternative to going and buying a that should save me a time or two. :O) I like the end result of your project, very beachy!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

So cute!! Thanks for linking up!!

The Selleneits said...

I don't think it looks bad at all I like it. And next time call me and I'll help you kill time.

Fawnda said...

I think that it turned out great in the end! :)

Marianne@Songbird said...

Oh I have been there! I probably wouldn't have waited either. I think it turned out nice all the same.

Kim said...

Much better than the Twilight version! :)

Stephanie Lynn said...

I can totally relate to the crafting impatience! {that's me too!} Love the new color and the crackle method! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

So fun and pretty!

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