happy birthday!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 |
oh no-not me!
that isnt for another 6 days!
it is my bff/sister nicole's birthday! you might remember her from here or here.
that is her 2nd from the left.
oh yea, that is me in the blue shirt next to her (that is a swatch shirt! so rad!), dayna in the drivers seat and kerry at the end.
we were soooo cool sitting on maggie's car (kerry's mom).
quick story-when we were growing up, we thought we were the pink ladies from 'grease'. we even met in a club house (aka nicole's gardening shed), had secret meetings and made a pink ladies potion. and of course we all had pink lady jackets. (dayna had pink underwear but that is a totally different post!)
by 1988, we had grown out of that but must have thought electric blue cars were 'totally awesome'.
the 1980s...what were we thinking?
so happy birthday nicole! i love you!


That Girl said...

I love your flashback posts. Takes me back to the 80's, too. ;) Hope your friend has a great b-day!

Megan/Brassy Apple said...

well Happy EARLY birthday to you!

thanks for stopping by my new tutorial.

and hey! Looks like you are in Utah! We are moving there :)

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