what i did with some of my birthday money...

Friday, May 13, 2011 |
well, i spent it all on my of course!
here are some of the highlights...
a regular cardigan that turns into...
way funky cardi!
(this is from sears!)

notice the cute yellow shoes! i got this cardi from pennys.
(yes-i must have a thing for cardigans)

shoes! white from target and animal from di (originally from payless, and unworn!)

cool butt bracelet from pennys.
and there is more to come!
don't  you love shopping with me?!


Sandi said...

Guess I need to go to Sears! I've been trying to find some cute cardigans.

JaNae said...

Well there's no need to ask if you had a good b-day...you were able to shop is that makes it a good b-day, right?

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