it is the end of the year already?!?!

Thursday, May 26, 2011 |
actually, it isn't the end of the school here in utah yet. we have year round school, so my kids are in (and im working until) the beginning of july. then, depending what track you are (or if you work at the school), you might be going back by the end of july.
but nate's S.O.A.R. is over.
nate is a smarty pants, but has trouble reading. S.O.A.R. has really helped him and he is up to grade level now! it is one teacher for 5 kids and they spend time every day doing intense reading.
he doesn't like it because sometimes it goes into his recess, but i say it is worth it.
(but i would have hated it as a kid too!
i found out today that S.O.A.R. is over tomorrow, so it is lucky that i already had a gift, i just had to make it fancy.
last year i got some aluminum water bottles on clearance for something like $1 from roberts. all i did was tie some cute patriotic ribbon that i got from dollar tree on it and...
(no idea why nate feels like he needed the red crayon for the photo)
mrs. k deserves so much more than just a water bottle for putting up with little nate this year,
but the school isn't paying me for my looks.


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