teacher appreciation week let down

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 |
last week was our teacher appreciation week.
you know the deal-gifts and supplies for the teacher.
and when i think of that they put up with
(meaning 25 kids who are just like mine for 7 hours a day),
they deserve it!
we had one teacher who not only didn't get her door decorated by the room mom,
not have a list of her favorite things sent home so kids could bring in all kinds of lovely things, but...
who had a 15 yr old daughter go thru treatment for thyroid cancer!


anyone of those would make me break down into tears!
and i didn't find out until friday
(as a copy aid, we stay in our own little copy room and have fun. we don't venture out much)!
i borrowed a camera from ms taylor (another teacher) and took a photo of each of her kids.
ms taylor then sent the photos to walgreens for 1 hr processing.
after my shift, i ran and picked them up and made her an adorable book of photos.
but really, this teachers week really sucked.
and a regular book of photos wouldn't do.
so i went to skiptomylou and found this...

i put little embellishments on the pages and made it awesome!

well, that just isn't enough for a teacher who has a daughter battling cancer, is it?!
so i found out that this teacher loves coke (not diet, which is the official drink of lds women in utah), so i found this craft lunch box and my modge podge and...
i even punched a hole in a metal coca cola bottle top and hung it on the handle with all the ribbons.
and still that wasn't enough!
i had a glass bottle of coke, and decided to do one last thing
(that i of course didn't take a photo of!).
i tied a tag around it that said
'i'd like to teach the world to spell...'
needless to say, i'm amazing!

and it wasn't even one of my kids teachers!


ModernMom said...

Yeah! Good karma for you and hugs for her. I can't imagine having to deal with that kind of stress:(

catie said...

wow! what a week that poor teacher has had! that was extremely sweet of you to do that, i'm glad she knows that someone cares!

Trish said...

You ARE amazing. I'll bet her gifts of appreciation were more appreciated than all others. Way to go BA!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Wow can't believe nobody did anything nice for her until you found out! I'm sure she loved the thought you put into her gift, poor woman sounds like she needed a treat!

brittanydaw said...

you rock BA, seriously rock.

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