today, i will remember...

Monday, May 30, 2011 |
this is angelina and antonio manno.
(1971, their 50th wedding anniversary)
neither fought in a war.
(but they sent their oldest son in wwii off because they loved their nation.)
they were poor and worked hard for everything they had.
(he dug ditches in the depression to keep his family fed)
they relied on family and friends when things got tough.
(and didn't feel entitled to any assistance)
they believed in the american dream.
(and when they left italy, they knew they'd never see their family again)

these are my great grandparents.
without them, and their choices, i wouldn't be here.
i am grateful for them and their sacrifices.

i am what i am today because of my family.


Sandi said...

Love it! Our old people gave us so much.

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