tai pan should be renamed 'balls r us'...

Sunday, February 12, 2012 |
yes it has been a long long time since i last posted.
(thank you amber for pointing that out)
so much has happened but i won't bore you with it except to say
1. we are all healthy
2. no one is pregnant

and even though i haven't posted, please note that i have still been thrifty and crafty and shopping and all those things we love.
now, to proceed with the ball post!

i didn't feel like working out thursday after work so i didn't.
sometimes you have to skip it.
 i took some time for me.
(summer-no comments about how all time is me time!)
i went to tai pan for some st pat's day inspiration.
and i found balls.
i assume everyone is now on the ballswagon* because here are photos of stuff i DIDN'T buy...
these were the 1st ones i came across.
i call them spring balls.
that orange and yellow and green look fantastic together!
hey-i go to church as much as the next person so i can say these are religious balls.
thank you friar tuck.
fuzzy balls.
no other way to call it.
(not to turn all 'schweddy balls' on you but these were so soft!)

these were in the st pat's day stuff.
green yarn balls.
these might actually come home with me another day.
and of course i couldn't leave empty handed, so i purchased these beauties!
this is really a turquoisey-blue ball with sparkles.

and you can't tell but this is yellow.
WITH a small noise making ball inside!

oh, and st patricks day...not that much other than the above green balls.
some 'kiss me' and 'lucky' stuff but nothing funky enough for me.
i guess i need to get out some spray paint.

*ballswagon is a trademark of thethriftyba


Aunt Peg's said...

Hilarious! Thanks for doing the "balls" shopping for me!
This post is exactly why you should posting regularly! You always make me laugh!

JaNae said...

I'm impressed you went into Tai Pan and came out with more pictures than packages. :)

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