guess who just won...TWICE!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 |
you remember my friend barb who made that cute little painting for me to give away a few weeks ago? well guess what? today is her birthday and i won this from her etsy shop...
i know, she is weird to give stuff away on her birthday. im all about ME ME ME on mine!
then i get home from target (aka heaven on earth) and find out that i won these!
these were from life in my pjs.
she is holding a pajama party today (hasnt started yet, it will soon) for you to link up your newest, amazing crafts! so check her out and post what you have been up to!
thank you barb and ela-you made my week!

4 comments: said...

Thank you!! Enjoy =) Dont forget to link up tonight!!

Debbie said...

How cute! Congrats there girl! You rock in your cowboy hat...I meant to say that to you yesterday....I could never wear one...I have a pea size head LOL...I do wear other types of hats though:)

Sharon said...

Hey!! You wond my sunflowers! Lol That was my favorite pick for my entry comment! Barb is awesome! Congrats to you! I'm not jealous anymore!

alissa said...

Wow - lucky you! I have yet to win a blog giveaway and I feel like I have entered hundreds!

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