so many issues, so little money...

Friday, June 25, 2010 |
back when i first moved to utah, i sold shoes at now defunct zcmi. i was an awesome sales person-ranking in the top 10 for the nation. (the shoes department was leased out, kinda like the makeup departments. so there were alot of people i was up against)
i got an addiction to shoes.
huge addiction.
like over 100 pairs of shoes.
none of the cheap payless ones.
now that im married with kids and living in the real world, i cant feed my addiction as much as id like.
but when i find a shoe at savers with the sole that looks like this...

and the vamp that looks like this...
how can you seriously not expect me to walk away from them when they fit?
and at $6.99 (minus the 30% donation discount), they did.
(and yes, i know what  you are saying...'ba, you missed  your calling! you should have been a foot model!'. i agree! i think that all the time)


Lanie Ree said...

It's not too late- you can still get into that industry! With feet like yours, who could say no?

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