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Friday, June 11, 2010 |
before i announce the winner, you can all thank my neice, m, who picked the winner today. at first she picked stacie bonner (who left a comment), but since stacie MADE the necklace, i had her repick. (oh, m doesnt usually look like this. she had the utah jazz bear sign her face.
yes, her face.
while i was in charge of her.
best babysitter award goes to me!)

im going to post the funniest things on peoples desks. just to make you wait.

from briana the weirdest thing on my desk is... a recipe for hummus made from edimame!

from summer...i can't even find my desk, its under a bunch of empty containers I'm hoping to be creative with

from morgan...the weirdest thing on our computer desk would be a giant I mean HUGE bowl of rainbow colored beads

from ali...the weirdest thing on my desk is on of those strapless/backless/sticky bras ('chicken cutlets' bra)

from marvelle...weird thing on my desk? what desk? oh, you mean that thing that rests under all those massive piles and piles of stuff? absolutely nothing weird - just ribbons, papers, whole punches, photos, a scrapbook album, brads, eyelets, markers, etc...

and from suzanne... i have had a kitcen faucet sitting on my counter - why is that weirod? well, I got it FREE about 3 weeks ago to do a review and he HASN"T put it in yet!!!

but the necklace winner is alissa!
thank you all who entered! i love knowing that i am not alone in my weirdness of random things on my desk.
(alissa, i THINK i have your address, but why dont you email it to me anyhow.)
i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and check out the blog swap below!


Together We Save said...

Congrats to your winner!!

Megs said...

I love checking in with you! Your blog is one of my favorites!! Passing this blog award along to you...


Sharon said...

Love the new look!

Lanie Ree said...

Ha, your desk sounds like mine...

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