1st day back to school of 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 |
what did i do? was it...

get a massage?
a nice lunch with an old friend?
shopping spree?

no, i spent 4 hours taking the lights off of my prelit tree.
and before you say,
'ba-just buy a new freaking tree!', let me tell you the thrifty story of how i found this little baby!
5 years ago i was in a bad place and had group therapy every saturday morning.
well, therapy put me in a WORSE place for a few hours afterwards and i couldn't go home.
so i went shopping.
most of which i returned by wednesday of the following week. (chris REALLY appreciated that i returned it!) but not this 7 foot prelit tree.
this baby was 90% off!
so instead of $150.00 it cost $15!
even chris didn't want me to return it!
the lights on the tree cost at least that much.
well, this year there were a few strands that didn't work, and i was too lazy to take the broken ones off and replace them. (i really really wanted the tree up!)
so i spent monday ripping and cutting the broken strands off.
and the ones that weren't broken (yet).
my hands and nails are a mess.
so is the floor under the tree.
but now im ready for christmas (which is only 354 days away!)


gail@myrepurposedlife.net said...

my prelit tree sits in the corner mocking me, it thinks I'm not going to do this to it. But ohhh, I may be a few days late, but that baby is in store for a stripping too!
It's a pretty tree. Much prettier than the ones I saw this year before and after Christmas. I hope I can do it in less than 4 hours.
good job girl!

scrappin'soccermama said...

We had to do that to our tree this year too. Guess what? I gave Chandler a pair of wire cutters and let him go at it! He had a blast and I didn't have to do it.

Chris said...

You are taking thriftiness to a whole new level with this project! We had a strand on our tree that won't work...I just turned that to the corner. :)

Briana Priester said...

90% off? It'd be a crime to return it....

Glad to see you -and glad to be back, too! *grins*

JaNae said...

Yes I would say thrifty is an appropriate name for you....keep your eyes open because there could be another $15 7' tree in your future and if there is, I KNOW you'll find it.

Kim Hamilton said...

I just unplugged our strands that didn't work and without taking them off, wound new ones over the top! Worked great, but now another strand is out. I think pre-lit trees are much too overrated. I vote for stringing my own lights that I know will work!

Summer Miller said...

You're nuts! But I would have done the same thing.

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