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Monday, January 10, 2011 |
even though i am once again strepy (i jinxed myself with my last post), i was the one who had to buy a birthday gift for my sister in law, alison.
after hitting my regular haunts...kohls and target, i couldn't find anything.
they are always helpful when i need a gift.
i saw old navy across the parking lot and thought id try there.
and then i saw the sign that said all clearance was an extra 40% off!
forget alison-i was gonna find something for ME!

well, i didn't find anything for me or my boys.
but alison is totally making out on this gift!
first let me say that the total, with tax was $25.27.
we usually stick at the $25 amount for adults in our family. so this was perfect!

this jewelry is so very al.

(ring was $2.69 and the feather necklace was $3.59)

i LOVE the tank top! i wish they had more than just this color!

(tank was $2.39 and the long sleeved t was $5.09)

and this sweater is so very soft. you cant tell in the photo but it is green, but almost black.

(only $9.89!)

i kept pointing out to chris how much things cost and he was getting just a little tired of it.
i wasn't!


brittanydaw said...

Hey, go shopping for me sometime--you always find the cutest stuff for so cheap!

Summer Miller said...

Hello! Bailey's birthday is in a couple of weeks :)

JaNae said...

And she should feel so spoiled by all the wonderful presents. Good job!

Anonymous said...

target is always a score but I am having more hard luck at kohls lately. I usually hit up Goodwill at least once a week but never find cool sweaters like yours anywhere, except maybe etsy.

Jane @ Going Jane said...

My hubbie gets annoyed when I make him guess how much something costs! lol! Great scores!

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