still bragging...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 |
with some extra christmas money, i headed to kohls.
because, as you know, it is my second home.
(and some days, my first.)
all i have to says is that this vest was $60 and it was marked down to $12

holy crap i love it!
i wore it to church and felt HOT!
(are you allowed to feel like that at church?)
and yes, chris is still tired about me bragging.


Summer Miller said...

I love how excited you were when you bought that. You're like Bailey when she finds something shiny!

Staci said...

Is that an Aunt Peg's charm? Love that and the vest!

Jane @ Going Jane said...

Love it! My favorite all-time quote overheard at Kohls was from 2 ladies shopping. As they passed the big sign that said, "The More You Know, the More You Kohls" one looked at the other & said: "The less my husband knows, the more I Kohls!: lol

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