happy birthday!

Saturday, February 6, 2010 |

i love birthdays!
mine the most, but i bet YOURS is a close second.
i try to remember my friends birthdays whenever i can (which means whenever i write them down). everyone needs to feel special on the day they were born!
so my friend jen (who isn't a follower of this blog, so i assume she doesn't read it.) has a birthday on the 11th. she will be 30 (i KNOW-so young!) and a card for a big day like this just won't cut it.
so after stalking a million blogs, i came up with this one to use as my idea starting point. i did switch mine up a bit...i covered the entire back of the notebook to give it a little more finished look. and because it is jen's big 3-0, i threw in some matching magnets.
i know-i'm always the giver.
i couldn't just throw them in a box and be like 'here you go. enjoy your day. eat another piece of cake.', so i got a metal lid from maybe an empty pickle jar (too big to be a jelly jar). after priming it and painting it a creamy cream, i put the magnets on it. i'm sure she will chuck it soon after opening it, but i wanted it to look good when she opened it.
so there you go-an easy, fast gift. but it looks like i care-which, jen, if you are reading this-I DO!

(this photo is of jen when she was running in a 5k last summer. she also did a tri last year. and she has 3 girls (9,6 and 1 years). she is a stud.)


tinahead81 said...

what a great idea!

Summer Miller said...

so cute. You're awesome.

The Selleneits said...

Holly crap this is aobut me. Thank you so much for making my gift. I love a homemade gift it means so much to me. i love the little paper notebooks. I was so excited about them I showed them to my mom and sister. You all ways make me feel so good and Special on my birthday I love you and so glad to know you and have you as my friend. keep up the good work. You rock. Thank you so mcuch.

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