i'm a winner!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 |
i am a follower of utah deals diva dot com. i SWEAR by her (rather than listening to a certain old man with a bad hair dye job in a green apron. ahem)! if you are in utah, she is the one to get your shopping plan from.
this woman knows what she is doing.
in addition to showing me (well, all of us) how to get AMAZING DEALS, she also has give-aways! and guess who won?!

come on guess.

nope-not her.

see here for proof!
needless to say i am way geeked out!
i also want to plug her services, if you need a newspaper subscription for coupons, please go thru her. she is a stay at home mom like me and she can get you a fabulous deal. trust me, you will make up the money in savings on what you spend on the paper.
besides, when your kid comes home from school saying that he needs to make a giant, paper mache' penguin, you will be grateful for all those newspapers!


jenjen said...

That is awesome!!!


Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

That’s cool that your library does that. I need to see if mine does. I just walked around until I found a section I liked but it would be much easier to look through the books online and pop in when their ready.

Congrats on your win!


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