kids can ski cheap!

Thursday, February 18, 2010 |

my kids just discovered skiing this year. I KNOW-we live in utah and they have made it out of diapers with out skiing.
i'm a disgrace.
so this year we got them some kids lessons up at park city.

there are a few requirements...
1. utah resident
2. never had ski (and they do snowboarding too) lessons before

for $25 per kid, they got a 3 hour ski lesson **WITH RENTALS** up at park city ski resort. then they can come back up to 4 more times, for the same price (again with rentals) and either ski all day, get another lesson or BOTH!now that is a great deal!

once your kid knows how to ski (and you have used the park city deal up), snowbird has a deal where kids under 6 can ski chickadee for FREE! and under 10 it is only $20. rentals are NOT included but still a great deal.

here are photos of my kids skiing snowbird tuesday. they had a great time! parker (9 years old) thinks he is king of the mountain.
nate (6 years old) just likes to get 'cruisin'' as he says. and he thinks the girls like the ski tags on his jacket. (oh brother-this one will be a problem)
this bottom photo was before their first lesson at park city.
watch out 2018 olympic ski team! here comes the service boys!

ps-check out fireflies and jellybeans for a show off your stuff party!


fawnda said...

I love down hill skiing! What fun!

Summer Miller said...

I really wish I had the energy to do that. I'm sure they'd love it.

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