how do you organize your 'crap' room (aka craft room)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 |
although my craft room isn't finished (as in scraps of carpet are on the floor and most of the wall board isn't up), i love it up there! the windows are south facing and let in a TON of light! and even though it is above the garage, if i open the curtains when it is sunny, it warms up fast.

i just wanted to see how you set up your craft room-so i am showing you mine.

i have some shelves set up and i have divided all of my embellishments (except letters/numbers/some will see below) in plastic show box containers. each one holds a different color. and yes, when i get something that i'm not using right this second, i open it up and divide it out.the only colors that share are pink and purple (because i don't have much of either in a home of all boys!). this system seems to work really well, because there have been times i just needed something red and when i look in the red box-oh the possibilities! some i never would have come up with if i hadn't just searched through the box.

the other thing i do is divide out my chipboard letters by letters. there is a drawer for each one (btw-i got this from lowes. i guess men separate nuts/bolts in here. we just use empty jars. then i can mix and match the letters when i am doing a page or a card. i stuck all my numbers in) one drawer and i have a drawer for tags with words and with out words. (i just realized that i big wad of string is coming out of one of the tag drawers! oh well).

i don't put sheets of stickers in the little box-they go in the shoe boxes if they stickers are the same color.

so what does your craft area look like?


tinahead81 said...

i need to get more storage. we turned our half bath(long story)into my craft room...well, its mostly just storage-not enough room to actually work in! lol i have peg board up on two on the walls with hooks to hang some of the smaller stuff.

i really need to get out there and get things where they need to go ! lol

i was thinking about heading over to lowes or home depot for some little storage-y stuff!

Jenn said...

My hubby calls it my "scrap crap room". He says it lovingly...:)
Hopefully in the next week or so we will be done with my "crap" room.
Sometimes I find myself being a collector of paper and I need to use my stuff!!
Have a fabulous day!

Summer Miller said...

I should send you a picture of mine for you to post. It is after all....amazing!!!! Of course it will be an old one from the day it was put together because it will never be that organized again!

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