i wasn't going to craft monday...

Monday, February 1, 2010 |

and actually, i didnt.

i sat at home with a sick 6 year old who only wants to play star wars.

but in between attacking the death star and fighting the battle droids on naboo, i did wash clothes.

i should stop now and tell you that i am a bad mom. i don't make my 6 year old make his own bed. i should. my 9 year old was at his age. but he is really really short.

and my baby.

so i washed and dried his sheets and went to put them back on, i thought 'why do i bother tucking the flat sheet under the mattress because it never stays.'

then, as if struck by something in the force, it came to me! sew the flat and fitted sheets together at the bottom!

such an easy solution to my daily problem. which really wouldn't be a problem for me if i let my baby do his down bed.

but i digress...

so i pulled the sewing machine out from behind the couch and started pinning.

seriously people, this doesn't need instructions or photos, but it makes me feel special.

first i found the middle of both the flat and fitted sheets (short ends of course) and pinned them together. i only pinned the sheets together until the elastic edges started because i didn't want to deal with it.

then i sewed them with just a regular straight stitch on the '15' mark on my sewing machine. is that 5/8"? i dont know.

i had no problem putting it on nate's bed and we will see tonight how it works. i expect it will be awesome and i will do parker's tonight.

and i didn't even craft...

**update: we woke up this morning with our sheets NOT on the floor! i am brilliant!**


tinahead81 said...

what a great idea!! i would have never thought of that!! lol

Summer Miller said...

That is brilliant. Submit that idea to all the magazines quick before someone steals it. I think you may have a patent in the works. You may need to remove this post so we I mean you can get royalties. I had given up even puting the top sheet on. I LOVE IT. (Can I be your agent?)

the thrifty ba said...

summer-if you can make me money-you are my agent!

Anonymous said...

love it!!

Susan S. said...

Just found your blog and wanted to tell you how cute it is and that I love your fun sense of humor. I'll be back!

Wendi said...

You really are brilliant!! I am going to have to share your idea with my sister. She gave up on the flat sheet years ago. She doesn't even bother putting it on the bed at all now. :-)

Kim @ seven thirty three said...

Genius for sure! I too have given up on flat sheets, but maybe not now!

Thanks for linking up to What are little boys made of? Weekly Round Up.

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog

fawnda said...

Great idea!

jenjen said...

That is a great idea!!! I need to do that. Genius!!!

Thanks for linking this up!


Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

My boys refuse to even use the top sheet because it is more trouble than it is worth. (Daddy included) I wish I had thought of that about 15 years ago... Great idea!

Aunt Peg said...

Beth, when you and Summer get the logistics all worked out, I will be your first customer! And I promise to make it a BIG purchase-LOL!

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