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Thursday, February 4, 2010 |

gone are the days of a simple shoebox working as a mailbox for a school valentine's day party. parker wanted a spaceship this year.

i think it all started when chris told the story of how as a kid he wanted his box for valentine's day to look like a spaceship from 'battlestar galactica'. he got so frustrated that he couldn't get the tin foil to go just right. chris and my mother in law aren't what you call the crafty type, so they couldn't figure out how to make it work.

i think that is why chris has so many problems now.

of course, parker has NO IDEA what 'battlestar galactica' is/was. but he was going to make a spaceship this year. and it was going to rock.

and i have to say-this was pretty cool.

it started life as a half gallon of chocolate milk container. we took the spout off and hot glued all the paper on.

the door on the side of the milk carton opens up so his friends can put the cards in. then the top lifts off so he can get them out.

like the title says, he gets his craft-ness from my side of the family!


Caroline said...

That's cute!

I can't wait to see if my son is "crafty" or not...! Right now he just hits at everything...hmmm...

Linda said...

What a CUTE idea...tell your son that it looks AWESOME!


Jaime said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Monogram Frame. I got a kick out of this post; I have to make a Valentine Box for my son too! Also wanted to let you know that your post "No Soup For You" gave me chills and made me tear up ... at Christmas I made a similar post about my grandfather and how the holidays were filled with his recipes ... the holidays started when he was in the kitchen! He was a cook in the Army during WWII and I have a pic very similiar to the one you posted! We lost my "Grandpa Joe" 2 years ago this month. He was Swiss-German and my grandma (his wife) was Italian .. our holidays were about food and family! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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