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Thursday, July 8, 2010 |
a few weeks back, cns stores asked that i pick an item to review for them. parker and i searched and searched and found this sweet airplane. i knew it was something he could do with his dad (meaning i wouldnt have to do it!) and that he could work on his writing skills while on summer break. a win/win for me!
the price for the air plane isnt bad and right now, it is free shipping. and that is always nice!
so here is nate, parker and chris on the way to the park to try out the new flying machine.
it does take 6aa batteries, and thankfully we had enough! and then we had to wait for it to charge. there is a little cord in the control so you wont have another loose cord around the house.
we headed to the 'ditch' which really is just a ditch that catches excess water when we get a flash storm. it also doubles as a sledding hole in the winter for all the kids. it is nice and wide open, making it safer from cars and trees.
much to chris's surprise and dismay, parker was better at controling it than he was! ha ha! dad got stuck on 'throwing duty'.

and of course nate had to shoot at the plane. he thought he brought it down. i think that plane just got out of range, but i may be wrong.
so enough of MY play by play, here is parker's review on the megatech police 2 ch rc airplane...
the airplane needs NO assembly. all you have to do is add batteries. charging is easy, you just have to plug the cord in the compartment into the bottom of the plane. my dad stunk at it but within 5 minutes he got the hang of it. me, i got the hang of it its first flight!
i would recomend this for everyone and anyone. we had a good time playing with it.
so there you go, parker's first review. thank you cns! this has already brought our boys much fun!


The Answer Is Chocolate said...

How fun! What a great item to review!

Lanie Ree said...

Whoa, talk about a perfect review item! Way to make some memories.

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