nap time!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 |
for the past few years, sleeping thru the night with out drugs isnt easy. and i love sleeping. i have even trained my kids NOT to even bother coming to my side of the bed at night. dad is the one they go to for a midnight belly ache.
best thing i ever taught them.
about a month ago i found these lovely things in a junk drawer and decided to use them. mostly because chris made fun of me. (hey-they were free!) but let me tell you-i sleep so soundly now it is CRAZY!
crazy wonderful!
as most of you know, im headed to girls camp very soon. (proof that God has a sense of humor) i wanted to make a pair of these that could get ruined and i wouldnt cry.
i found a scrap of galexy fabric (left over from a star wars birthday party years ago) and some brown felt to help block the light. (too bad nothing will block the sound of 250 teen girls awake in their tents!) i also had some string like elastic to go around my head. i traced my tylenol eye shades onto the fabric and cut that and the felt out. i zig zag-ed them together just to keep them from moving around and trimmed the edges.
then i realized i should figure out how to do the elastic...
good one ba.
i just measured what i have on my original one and added an extra inch for me to have room to sew them down.
i sewed those on by going back and forth a million and 2 times.
finally i made some edging with the rest of the galexy fabric. i had to cut a slit in the fabric to get the elastic thru, so i had the fabric start/end right where the elastic came thru.
im not too worried because i plan on chucking it when i get home.
that is if i get home.
we are camping in bear country.
who thought this was a good idea?

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Brambleberry Cottage said...

Cute, Beth Anne! Personally, I could probably sleep with a spotlight in my face. Guess that comes from years of sleeping in the bright sunlight on the beach.

But, drop a pin on the floor and I'm wide awake. LOL

Thanks for linking to Tips and Tricks Tuesday.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Jenny said...

This was such a creative idea!

250 teen girls - there is definitely no way to block out that noise :-)

Good luck - I hope you have a wonderful time!

Jess said...

My kids stopped taking naps forever ago, but during the summer they are just too tired by dinner time to stand. So I have instituted a quiet hour where they have to be quiet in their rooms. I have tried to sleep on the couch but haven't been able to fall asleep. & I have been thinking that I need to make myself a sleeping mask. If it helps you sleep that well, I might be making some for my kids. LOL

Kimberlee said...

Great idea to make a pair you don't mind not bringing home. Visiting from Transformation Thursday.

brookie said...

Mom's have to be in charge enough. My mother told me to always pick the side of the bed furthest from the door. Great advice. I need sleep or I will get crazy. I keep a container of ear plugs on my bedside table.

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