perfect 'load up before a race' dinner!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 |
my hubby chris enjoys being on his bike. roadbike. mountainbike. whatever.
they are all expensive.
here is him last year at the end of his ride at lotoja. he didnt make it to the end, he was 20 miles short. but really, riding a bike from logan utah to jackson hole wy (lots of up hills) and only making it 180 miles isnt bad! and it was his first try! i was proud of him!
(and, yes, he is doing it again this year)
personally, i think he is nuts.
oh, yea, what i was talking about...
i made this for dinner last week and chris said that not only was it tasty (duh-i made it) but it really gave him some energy the next day on his 60 mile ride to work. it is loaded with carbs, protein and fats.
i bet lance would have won the tour this year if he would have eaten this.
and not crashed so much.
oh-again...the food. here is the recipe before i start talking about the fact that this year I am getting a 'team' shirt for chris's lotoja event!
(i will post photos when i get it!)
6 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup ricotta cheese (NO YOU CANNOT USE COTTAGE CHEESE! -that was for utahans who seem to think they are interchangeable. they are not.)
1/4 cup parmesean cheese
3 cups pasta
2 cups of gravy
(heat oven to 400)
mix eggs, milk, cheeses a sprinkle of salt and pepper. stir in COOKED pasta and a little chopped basil.
cover a 10" skillet in a little olive oil and pour pasta mess in. cook over medium heat for 2 minutes (until the sides start to set up). put in oven for 10-12 minutes.
when done, let sit for 5 minutes before serving. pour a little gravy over (if you want-but you WILL want!) the pasta/egg dish.
ps-i would give credit to where i found this but i have no idea. it was some magazine, but i have seen it in cook books too. and the one that i have is on an index card.


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Jane @ Going Jane said...

Sounds yummy! :)

she wears flowers said...

Wow--that's race food! ;)

Summer Miller said...

I am still not sure if I I like eggs with it. Maybe I'll have to come to dinner.

Summer Miller said...

Maybe I'll have to come to dinner to see if I like it :)

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