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Thursday, July 22, 2010 |
yesterday i posted about how much i love aunt peg's jewerly.
and how i should stick to buying jewerly instead of making it.
just in case you didnt see amber from aunt peg's comment, i thought that i would re-post it here...

This post is exactly why we know that Aunt Peg's Jewelry have THE VERY BEST CLIENTELE!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Beth for posting this!
For every person who purchases and item from our Etsy store, and leaves a message in the order that they were referred Beth Anne, both the customer and BA will receive and extra something!
Thanks again!!!!!!

so i wanted to make sure you saw that and didnt miss out on something extra! (what will it be?) so here is the link to the etsy shop.
and dont forget to tell them ba sent you!


Barb said...

Hey BA,
Look at you making jewelry-previous post. Impressive!!
I finally figured out how to link them to my favorites. Challenged.
But take a look at my blog--I awarded you the Sunshine award. You probably have had it alot but hey never hurts to be honored again!

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