worse. day. ever.

Thursday, July 22, 2010 |
back in june, chris rode in a 'tour de cure' for the american diabetes association. he isnt passionate about diabetes. he just wanted to race.
so did my studly friend kristin and her hubby steve. the only way to properly understand how aweful this race was is to quote kristin's blog...
After we finished I sobbed for about 20 minutes. My face burned, my eyes were stinging and I was hammered. I was beyond words. There was a line for food. A long line. REALLY? I am supposed to wait in a line for food? NO THANKS. What kind of race makes people wait in a crazy long line for food? Diabetes really does suck.
there was 55 mph winds, funnel clouds, rain and it all ended happily at a truck stop shower. (that wouldnt sound so odd if you knew my friend kristin)

what kind of wife would i be if i didnt celebrate the fact that my hubby didnt throw his bike into a ditch from anger?
i found his number tag (lucky 721) and framed it in a frame i picked up from savers and spray painted it black.
and i put it in our mud room, right next to great grandpa's lucky horse shoe.


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