are you red or blue?

Monday, August 30, 2010 |
yup-it is that time of the year again...
college football.
it happens ever year.
and if you live it utah, you know about the rivially.
byu or utah?
im only a utah fan because i married one. i wear red when needed and make sure my kids do too.
(i do enjoy sports only because there is food incorporated into the celebration.)
but with these-it doesnt matter if you are a real fan or just married to one!
of course, aunt peg's made these and they are available in her etsy shop
and at $7 each (plus shipping) who can resist showing their true colors?
you can guess which one i already have!
(and yes i wear it with pride!)

be sure to tell aunt peg that i sent you!


Cassie said...

Oh...I love me some college football.
I am a University of Missouri fan though.
I am sure it doesn't help that I like Utah and BYU.
I am far enough away that it doesn't cause problems. I was hoping though that one of those schools would jump over to the Big 12.

Barb said...

Wouldn't you look better in "BLUE"?
(Aggie BLUE!) OK, red will have to do!
Enjoy the "Food"!

Helena said...

Uh oh. I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Sandi said...

I'm U of AA which is Red and Blue so how cool is that!!

Summer Miller said...

love it! I also love the picture of're so cute!

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