what i do when chris is out of town!

Thursday, August 26, 2010 |
these are some older photos, but i wanted to share what happens in my home when chris goes on a business trip. (which, by the way, he is doing AGAIN today! stay tuned for some fun!)
parker was very interested in space at the time, and since his walls were blue-it seemed only logical that we paint on his walls the planets!
i wish i would have taken photos of the process, but i was so freaked out that i would mess up and chris would kill me for painting the walls that i didnt. (you see, chris used to paint walls professionally while putting himself thru college. he is VERY PARTICULAR about his walls. yes, my hubby is a paint natzi.)
parker picked out the paint colors from my craft paints (yep-i just used acrylic paints!) and i found bowls and cups to use to make circles.

that is the red spot on juipter.
we made pluto as a protest of it being down graded from from a planet. it will always be a planet to us!
if you look closely you can see we used glow in the dark paint and an eraser to make stars all over the wall.
and of course you need a HUGE SUN. we used sponges to give it that look.
we have his bed positioned in the middle of the galaxy and put glow in the dark stars over head.
yes-im the coolest mom ever!
and no-chris didnt have a fit!

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

Summer Miller said...

That looks great. I've never actually seen his room. Maybe you want to come paint my house while he is gone...or come and watch me sob while my baby is gone?!

Deanne said...

That is so cool, you are very clever

Letti said...

You did a great job. I bet they love looking at them at night.

Tasha said...

That turned out amazing. I am so impressed. I am sure your son thinks it is the coolest thing ever too. Go you on doing that and thank you for linking it up. Amazing. Really.

JaNae said...

Is C sure it's safe to go out of town again??? Hope you survive ok, and do so when he gets home. ;)

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

That is so cool!

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Wow! I think it all looks great! What did the "paint Natzi" think? LOL

Thanks for linking to my blog party. It's good to have you back.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Maria Gridley said...

Oh wow, that looks soo great!! How fun for your little one!! I couldnt see the glow in the dark stars.. but I bet it looks so cool at night! So fun. :)

Your hubby should be proud of you, cause you did a fantastic job! :)

I did a 49ers logo mural on the wall in my husbands game room for him.. he almost didnt wanna let me (NO TRUST! LOL) but I think he was mostly joking when he said he wasnt sure about letting me do it.. but when it was done he loved it, and apologized for even joking about doubting me! hehe

Anonymous said...

Oh! My son would sooo love this. He is so into space! Visiting over from All Thingz Related

Jane @ Going Jane said...

That looks fabulous, too!! You ARE super Mommy!

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